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sound healing


 Jonathan Goldman 


The right intention in combination with the frequencies of the crystal alchemy bowls create a nourishing environment for healing to take place. Allowing the sounds to take you in, to drop deeper into your body & heart and surrendering your mind to the vibrations. I use the inherent healing powers of sound to take you on a inward journey. A sound bath is an experience where you lay down and enter a meditative state through the sound of the crystal bowls, my voice and other instruments. 

Alchemy is the art of transmuting base-metals into gold, through the process of purification. Similarly the vibrations of the alchemy bowls will help aid the process of purification of mind, emotion and body to make for clear inner seeing.

Each instrument activates a different part in your body and brain. Each bowl is made of 99.99% quarts crystal and is infused with a specific gemstone, mineral or precious metal that has a certain healing property. The frequencies will allow your brain to go into a meditative state where reset and relaxation can be achieved. 

The healing powers of the crystal bowls can also be used in an individual 1:1 session where we can work on specific blockages to bring healing into your system. Neither me nor the bowls can heal you ~ what I can do is to create a sacred space for you to explore and awaken your own inner healing powers and wisdom. You are holding all the answers you're looking for within and my mission is it to facilitate a space for you to uncover them.  

The Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls I use are sourced in North Carolina and made by Crystal Tones in the U.S.A. 

Want to experience a sound healing at home? 


Guiding & Holding space

~ for you to tap into your own inherent wisdom 

~ to reestablish the connection to your inner voice

~ for self exploration & self realization 

~ for emotions to come to the surface

~ for deep relaxation on a physical level

What Our Clients Say




anxiety relief 


emotional & mental clarity


realigning your energies


enhances creativity   

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1:1 Sacred Sound Session

Marinating in the healing sounds & frequencies of the alchemy crystal singing bowls combined with channeled singing 

individual session curated to your needs


Can not join a session in real life?

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