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For all curious souls that want to dive deeper into sound and it's healing benefits. 

consultation  333

30 minutes

30 euros

03 main questions


You want to start your journey into sound but don't know where to start? There are so many factors to take into consideration, which set, which bowls, which frequency? In this short and sweet consultation we will explore the basics of how to start your journey through sound. What instruments you can use and which frequencies are the right fit for you? 


I am currently not selling any sets myself but I am happy to share my knowledge about music therapy and the theory behind it as well as sharing my experience as a sound healer and music therapist to answer your most urgent questions. 

Please notice that this is a basic intro into sound healing and serves the purpose of answering your most urgent questions. It is not a course or in depth consultation but will give you an overview on where to start. 

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