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At times I write to express myself. At other times a song, a melody or lyrics flow through wanting to be expressed. While playing I connect with a different version of myself. A creative force that flows through me when I open my heart and body as a vessel. I surrender my voice to tell the stories that need to be heard. To sense emotions and transform them into a melody.


That is the alchemy I practice. Translating the energies of the room into music, a song ~ into something tangible. 


Performing for me is like stepping into a different role. Stepping up on stage also means stepping up for myself, proudly sharing my voice and being seen while singing my songs. My music is quiet and while performing I try to create a calming and soothing atmosphere, where the audience can close their eyes. Together we'll go on a journey through my songs and stories. 'KALA' is the container that allows me all this. I've started performing in 2018 and since then had the honor of playing at various, special locations throughout  the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland. 

The songs I write are probably the most honest and pure expression of my inner world and I am happy to take you along. 

Living Room Concert 


A very calm, slowed down and vulnerable version of my song "Oatmilk" performed at the Ear-Opener Living Room Concert in Amsterdam. Performing in such intimate settings is what brings out the best of me as a performer and my music. It's when the audience really listens to you and you start creating a bond between each person and each song. 

Spotted Sounds 3D Concert


It was a cold October day when Berend from "Spotted Sound", Dennis, Bram & I hopped on a boat called "Jackson 5" (couldn't be more fitting). "Those Damn Boat Guys" took us on a beautiful canal ride through Amsterdam to play an acoustic concert. Get your headphones (!!!) and enjoy this 3D audio experiences. 

Peak Mystique Festival 



After not being able to perform for a long time summer came, spirits lifted and live music was well received at "Peak Mystique", followed by DJ's, dance and connection. 

Rollende Keuken 


64303683_316979035905385_5767958529533018112_n kopie 2.jpg

Performed at a Food Truck Festival what feels like many summers ago. It was hot, I just started performing with my music earlier this year and there where hundreds and hundreds of people passing by, stopping, listening to the songs I wrote while enjoying the sun, food and atmosphere. 

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