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Practitioner Training


3 day in person Training

26, 27 & 28 July 


27, 28 & 29 September 



Ter Haarstraat 18




A three day intensive in-person immersion: unraveling, experiencing, understanding and learning the magic of sound and the crystal alchemy bowls. Under Kala's expert guidance, we will explore the fundamental principles of frequency, vibration, and music theory, gaining valuable insights into the profound impact of sound on our well-being. Experience the joy of playing crystal alchemy bowls firsthand and gain the skills to confidently host your own sound bath events. Receive a comprehensive 60-page manual packed with invaluable information to support your journey beyond the training. An in depth experience that will leave you fully equipped to start your own journey through sound.


We will have a “Candy Shop” meaning a pop up with magical bowls from Crystal Singing Bowls Europe, an official retailer of Crystal Tones. Shannon will be there to assist you in choosing your own bowl or set through a consultation included in the training. You will have a set to practice with during the training. Purchase of the bowls is optional. 


You will also receive a goodie bag with the best products from local businesses to glam up your personal practice and sessions. 

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Program Level 1 
26,27 & 28 July


i. opening ceremony

  • Starting with setting intentions and creating an energetic container

  • Exploring the definition and history of sound and music

  • clarifying your vision

  • Integrating sound journey



  • Understanding music theory, harmony and the principles of resonance

  • Exploring tones, intervals, and their utilization in practice

  • Creating a broad understanding of music theory accessible to all backgrounds



  • Understanding frequency on a cellular level

  • Exploring crystalline structures, cymatics, and effects of frequency.

  • Learning intentional practices with frequency

  • Understanding vibration 

  • Learning about rhythm and it’s use in sound healing



  • Introduction to crystal bowls and their history

  • Learning playing techniques and their correspondence with the body and mind

  • How to travel and care for your bowls 

  • Exploring different instruments and their effects



  • Exploring leadership and how to hold group sessions

  • Establishing the right setting and structure for a sound bath

  • Designing, practicing and performing your sound journeys


Vi. stepping into your own medicine

  • Taking ownership of life and your visions

  • Exploring strengths as a space holder

  • Aligning with personal mission and flourishing in the world 

Whats included in the day

We will start each day with a somatic exercise and tuning in. Creating a nourishing container to learn and grow. We will dive into the theory and expand our knowledge while practically implementing and practicing in the afternoon. Each day will have a 1h lunch break for you to go out and nourish your body, while resting the mind. The afternoons are about diving deeper into the theory and the practical application of what we are learning. 


Training days: 10-17h

Lunch Break: 13-14h

(Please note that we might run late on couple of days)



  • Unlimited tea & water

  • Nekohama Matcha Breaks 

  • Snacks

  • Two sound healings 

  • Gong bath 

  • Cacao Journey 

  • 60 page manual (Lev 1) or the complete 140 page manual (Lev 1 + 2)

Good to know & preparation

Come as you are. No prior knowledge is required. You will be equipped with a set of bowls to practice on. This is level 1 so easy access for all people from various backgrounds. No preparation needed from your side. 


You can bring your favorite items, crystals, notebook or whatever is part of your own practice and altar. If you already own a set of the alchemy crystal bowls you can of course practice with them. Please note that within the training we only work with bowls from Crystal Tones, however purchase is optional. 

Level I : 945€ 

26,27 & 28 July


Early Bird

Level I + II: 1700€ (you save 190€)

Lev II 27,28 & 29 September

Payment plan available: 

Downpayment - 345€ (non refundable)

Installment 1 - 300€

Installment 2 - 300€


About Karla:

Karla is a music therapist and sound healer with a clear voice and vision. She graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Music Therapy. After working as a music therapist in the health care sector for a couple of years she decided to redirect her focus. In 2022 she founded “Sound of Kala”. Organizing events and sessions around sound healing, combining her expertise as a musician, singer and therapist to create nourishing environments for self discovery and deep relaxation. Her style of teaching is about supporting your uniqueness and self agency. Sharing from an embodied practice Karla combines her intuition with her experience, rooted in technical facts and scientific backup. 


“I am here to intuitively guide and support you, utilizing my knowledge and very own experience. My vision and purpose is to create the best possible environment for you to grow and expand through sound and song. I am teaching from my own experience, rooted in my studies, so the tools are truly embodied, real and tested through my own being and practice” 

Questions & answers


Can I participate without having any prior knowledge in music?

Yes! This program is designed as an entry into sound healing and music therapy. We will learn the basics of music theory and different instruments so you can practice at your own pace and in alignment with your own experience and goal.


Do I need to know how to sing or play an instrument?

No. We will cover some basic techniques for singing for you to explore your own voice and learn how to play the bowls in Level 1. . Within the Level 2 of the course we have more time to find out what's your talent and how to bring that into your work.


Do I need to own crystal alchemy bowls?

No. We will learn how to play the crystal alchemy bowls and each participant will be provided with a set to practice on. You can purchase your set during or after the training with a consultation from Crystal Singing Bowls Europe. The consultation is included in the training and can be arranged before or after training hours/ in the breaks. 

Do I need to do both level 1 & 2? 

No. You can do just Level 1 and to get into the basics of sound healing and playing the bowls. Level 1 is required to enter Level 2 except for if you already are a sound practitioner. Level 1 is an introduction of basic knowledge and techniques. Level 2 is the completion and advanced techniques and business tools, preparing you to make sound part of your work & life. 


Will there be a certification?

Yes, you will receive a certification of participation for both Levels.



Level 1: 26, 27 & 28 July 2024  

Level 2: 27,28 & 29 September 2024 


Oracley Space

Ter Haarstraat 18


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Program Level 2
27,28 & 29 September


ViI. music therapy

  • Anthroposophical principles of music therapy.

  • Understanding melody, harmony, and rhythm.

  • Introduction to music therapy and application guidelines.

  • Exploring 1:1 sessions and your personal medicine.


VIII. Insight & Integration 

  • Restorative tools for integration and reflection.

  • Guided support, journal prompts, and sound meditation.

  • Group nourishment and reflection

  • How to set & protect professional boundaries


IX. chakra
& Tones

  • Exploring the chakra system and energy blockages.

  • Activating chakras through singing practice & sound journey

  • Understanding the difference between chakras and hormonal sets.

  • Learning about the gong with expert Amy Maxwell


x. voice

& expression

  • Embracing authenticity and trust in expression.

  • Discovering individual strengths and your authentic voice.

  • Expanding through body and voice exploration

& Money

  • Discussing business, structure, and finances

  • How to build a sound based business

  • Marketing skills and tools taught by Oracley Founder Amy Maxwell

  • How to know your value and negotiate your price

  • Energy Management & scheduling

IMG_2641 2.JPG

xIi. celebrate & Dream

  • Reflecting on qualities, challenges, and achievements

  • Setting goals and creating a mini action based business plan 

  • Celebrating accomplishments and dreaming for the future

How to sign up:


To reserve your spot down payment of non refundable 345€ is necessary. For Lev 1 + Lev 2. The rest can be paid in two following installments, or at once, prior to the training. 


Cancelation policy:

You can cancel until three weeks before the training starts. However the downpayment of 345€ is non refundable. Cancellations later than 3 weeks before the start are bound to pay full price. 

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