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"rewild" 45€ early bird until 29th of april 


Come together and learn about the gentle and supportive powers of essential oils and flower blends to go deeper in your practice. Deepen your intuition through the sense of sound and aroma. Finding peace and a harmonious connection to your intuition through nature gifts and the power of frequency. Learn which essential oils can support you best and how to use it for your best benifit. 


Tash Keren, founder and formulator behind Myraflores will share her knowledge and the magic of essential oils with you. Experience a state change and exploration of your inner essence through meditation and aroma. Discover how different plants can work in harmony with your body's natural functions all through intuition. 


From there Kala will take you deeper into your own inner world through the sounds of the alchemy crystal bowls. Marinating in frequency combined with channeled singing you will be taken on an inward journey to reflect and relax.


Each instrument activates a different part in your body and brain. Each bowl is made of 99.99% quartz crystal and is infused with a specific gemstone, mineral or precious metal that has a certain healing property. The frequencies will allow your brain to go into a meditative state where reset and relaxation can be achieved and the healing powers of your cells are being activated.


The right intention in combination with the frequencies of the crystal alchemy bowls create a nourishing environment for healing to take place. Allowing the sounds to take you in, to drop deeper into your body & heart, and surrendering your mind to the vibrations.




Walk in 19:45

Start 20:00

End 22:00



Please notice that we do not offer refunds, however, you can give your space to a friend in case you can’t be there yourself. You can email



The White Door Studio


You get all information for download after purchase

REWILDING YOUR SPIRIT - essential oil & sound healing journey | may 4th - 20:00

€ 55,00Price


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