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sound healing 

“You are holding all the answers within yourself and it is my mission to facilitate a space for you to uncover them.”


 Join me for a 90-minute nourishing and deeply relaxing sound healing. Marinating in the sounds of the crystal alchemy bowls combined with channeled singing you will be taken on an inward journey to reflect and relax.


Each instrument activates a different part of your body and brain. Each bowl is made of 99.99% quarts crystal and is infused with a specific gemstone, mineral, or precious metal that has a certain healing property. The frequencies will allow your brain to go into a meditative state where reset and relaxation can be achieved and the healing powers of your cells are being activated. The right intention in combination with the frequencies of the crystal alchemy bowls create a nourishing environment for healing to take place. Allowing the sounds to take you in, to drop deeper into your body & heart, and surrender your mind to the vibrations.

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Sound healing

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Walk in 14:15

Start 14:30

End 16:00



Upon arrival, you will be served tea. Mats and props are present but feel free to bring warm socks, a hot water bottle, or anything that makes you feel extra safe and cozy.



The White Door Studio

Visseringsstraat 39h

1051 KH Amsterdam 

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