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“A musical journey through silence, sound & serenity. ”  

The White Door Studio

December 2nd | 18.00-21.00 

Sonic Activation ~ A Multisensory candlelight concert & sound healing


An evening filled with musical ecstasy, soulful songs, mantras and transformative soundscapes ~ illuminated by the soft glow of candlelight.

Join Kala & Harish for an evening of enchanted harmonies, mantras and heartfelt songs. Guided by the gifted musicians  we will go on a profound exploration of sound and its power to awaken the soul.


Moving from Silence to Musical Ecstasy: Kala and Harish will open the event by inviting you into a serene state of silence. As you journey deeper into this stillness, they will gradually introduce the magic of music, creating a harmonious fusion of inner and outer worlds.  Immerse yourself in a captivating blend of musical styles, from soulful songs that touch your heart to powerful mantras that resonate with your spirit. Experience the transformative power of sound, creating connection and musical medicine. 


As the event draws to a close, prepare for a mesmerizing sound journey with the crystal alchemy bowls that will weave together all the elements of the evening. This final experience will leave you feeling centered, rejuvenated, and connected to your inner self.


This is a rare opportunity to connect with the healing power of sound and immerse yourself in a multisensory experience like no other. Whether you're a seasoned explorer of sound or simply curious about its potential, "Sonic Activation" welcomes you with open hearts and open ears.

"earlybird" for 38€ until 25th of Nov


3h live music sound journey 

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Kala is a certified music therapist, singer-songwriter & sound healer with a strong voice and vision. Her work is intuitive and focuses on helping people find their authentic inner voice and connecting with themselves and others through music. 'Sound Of Kala' is the manifestation of her vision to support people on their own path & share her voice with the world. She’s translating the energies of the room into sound, a song ~ into something tangible. 


For more information check out or Kala’s instagram for personal updates @soundofkala. 


Harish also known as Maringo Bérénos is a highly skilled multi-instrumentalist weaving together rhythms and melodies from traditions all over the world. He is an artist with music coursing through his veins since an early age, fusing cultures and transcending borders through the power of sound and silence. Born and raised in the Netherlands, music became the conduit for his spiritual journey, offering him glimpses of our higher nature and a profound connection with humanity.



For more information check out or Maringo’s instagram for personal updates @maringoberenos. 



Walk in 17:45 

Start 18:00 



Sound Healing

End 21:00 


Upon arrival, you will be served tea. Mats and props are present but feel free to bring warm socks, a hot water bottle or anything that makes you feel extra cozy. 

Limited spots available. We do not offer refunds but you can pass on your spot to a loved one. Come with an open heart and leave with a refreshed spirit.

Please email for questions or requests.


The White Door Studio

Visseringsstraat 39h

1051 KH Amsterdam 

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