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21st October

Cacao Ceremony
& Sound healing


cacao & sound  


Welcome to a sacred and immersive experience where the transformative powers of cacao and the enchanting vibrations of crystal alchemy bowls intertwine. 


Join Kala & Britta as they create a space of belonging and connection, inviting you to rediscover your essence and embrace the present moment.


In this heart-opening ceremony, drink in the sacred cacao, allowing its energy to pour into your heart, awakening your deepest truth. 

As the quivers of sound from the crystal alchemy bowls sink into your very bones, you will be transported to a state of profound relaxation and inner connection.


In this sanctuary of senses, disconnect from the busyness of life and the mind, and surrender to the flow of the now. Through the harmonious blend of cacao, sound, and shared intention, you will find healing, insight, and a renewed sense of connection with yourself and the world around you.


Together, we will journey through moments of sharing, meditation, visualisations, and gentle movement, all accompanied by the soothing sounds and subtle vibrations of the crystal bowls and Kala's voice. 

The melodies and harmonies act as constant reminders to relax into the present moment, allowing insights to arise from within and facilitating healing.

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21st of October


49€ normal

44€ early bird



Britta follows the calling of her heart. This brought her 5 years ago to the medicine of Mother Cacao, where she found deep remembrance and embarked on a journey of self-love and care.

Through that, she became a space holder for the sacred plant medicine, which is here in her eyes to reconnect us to nature, our inner nature. Opening space to reconnect to who we truly are and finding the courage within our hearts. She has a deep passion for an authentic life that is rooted in the heart. Supporting people on their pathway to the heart. Embodying connectivity and being the founder of “the cacao circle”. - IG @brittawaechter


ABOUT KALA Karla is a certified music therapist, singer-songwriter & sound healer with a strong voice and vision. Her work is intuitive and focuses on helping people find their authentic inner voice and connecting with themselves and others through music. 'Sound Of Kala' is the manifestation of her vision to support people on their own path & share her voice with the world. She’s translating the energies of the room into sound, a song ~ into something tangible. - IG @soundofkala


BEFORE THE CEREMONY In preparation for this special ceremony, it is best to eat only lightly, enjoy your last meal 2h before the ceremony It is not advisable to drink coffee before the ceremony, limit if you must to one cup in the morning Stay hydrated before, during, and after the ceremony Please arrive 10min before so you can settle into the space Bring a journal and a pen In case you are pregnant or take any medication please let me know - REFUND POLICY We don't do refunds but your ticket can be given to a friend. Please email for further questions.

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