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“A sonic journey into softness, connection & support through the power of sisterhood & sound.”  


Join Kala for a sweet Sunday gathering and dive into a soothing afternoon of togetherness, harmony, and self-care. 


Where we come together to embrace the power of softness, surrender, and meaningful connections. As we step into this space, we'll blend the invigorating energy of Kundalini meditation with the soothing embrace of the crystal alchemy bowls during a sound healing, culminating in a heartwarming sharing circle.



We will start with gentle Kundalini exercises to deeply honor our connection with ourselves and our body. From there we will drop into softness and surrender in a guided sound healing with the Crystal Alchemy Bowls. Immersing in the resonating tones allowing their vibrations to guide you into deep relaxation, realization and renewal. We will finish off by crating a space of trust and openness as we share our stories, fostering sisterhood and genuine connections. Enjoy the nourishment of rose-infused tea and wholesome snacks throughout the workshop.


This afternoon is all about embracing support and allowing yourself to receive it. Discover the strength in vulnerability and the beauty of shared experiences. As we wrap up, you'll carry this sense of replenishment and connection with you into the week ahead.

"fullmoon" for an early bird ticket of 35€ until 19th of November


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Walk in 14:45 

Start 15:00 

End 17:00 



Upon arrival, you will be served tea. Mats and props are present but feel free to bring warm socks, a hot water bottle, or anything that makes you feel extra safe and cozy.



The White Door Studio

Visseringsstraat 39h

1051 KH Amsterdam 

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